Sefton@Work excels again in Customer Service Excellence!

Sefton@Work excels again in Customer Service Excellence!

Sefton@Work is celebrating further success after the retention of the Customer Service Excellence Award.

Customer Service Excellence
Sefton@Work achieved the Governments Customer Service Excellence standard in 2010 and has recently been reassessed for the 7th time. This is a requirement to show that compliance is being maintained and that continuous improvements are being made to our Services. To maintain accreditation an independent assessment of the service is conducted annually as part of a rolling programme.

The review took place in May 2018 and we are pleased to announce that Sefton@Work has successfully met all of the requirements of the standard in full. In addition to us maintaining the award we also improved on our performance by achieving a further 2 Compliance Plus ratings for elements in the sections Customer satisfaction and Deal effectively with problems.

Having a Compliance Plus rating means we have exceeded the standard required in a particular area and we now have 20 Compliance Plus ratings overall, achieving some in each and every section of the Standard. This puts Sefton@Work amongst the top performing organisations in the country for Customer Service.

As with any quality assessment, no matter how good the paper-based evidence may be and no matter how well we respond to verbal questioning about our services and delivery methods, the most important part of the evidence is gained through the assessors observations and conversations with clients, partners and organisations we have supported or worked with.

Paul Latham our G4S Assessor noted in his report:

The assessor spoke to a large group of clients who provided excellent insight into the service, a staff group and senior staff. Evidence gathered demonstrates a huge commitment to customers, their needs and the care and attention necessary to secure and develop their confidence. There are now 29 staff at Sefton@Work. High quality customer service to clients continues.

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