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Post 19 Sessional Tutor


School: Sefton Community Learning Service

Salary and grade: I

Line manager/s: Community Learning Officer

Adult Education Tutor (1) Accredited and Non accredited programmes

Purpose of the Job

To plan and deliver high quality learning programmes in response to identified local and national needs, provide information, advice, and guidance on entry and on completion of learning programmes. You will be required to teach learners a range of community learning programmes and qualification led courses within our main centre, online and at external venues and to carry out such other associated duties as are reasonably assigned by the Community learning Officer.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities are as follows:

a.      To undertake all aspects of planning and delivery of teaching, learning and assessment of lessons in accordance with the educational levels of learners assigned to them in the allocated classes.

b.      To promote and monitor expected behaviours and attendance of learners within the classroom in accordance with the service policies and procedures.

c.       attend curriculum meetings as required.

d.      to promote equal opportunities within the Service and to seek to ensure the implementation of the Services/Sefton Council equal opportunities policy.

e.      To ensure Safeguarding procedures are adhered to and to report any concerns as directed by the Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSGO)

f.        to monitor, record learners’ achievement and progress in accordance with the services procedures.

g.       to complete all aspects of organisational paperwork that will evidence that learning has taken place

h.      to help the service achieve ambitious service targets demonstrating commitment to high standards

i.        deliver the curriculum as relevant to the ability group/subject/s that you teach ranging from pre-entry to level 2.

j.        Be responsible for the preparation and development of teaching materials, teaching programmes and pastoral arrangements as appropriate.

k.       Be accountable for the attainment, progress, and outcomes of learners you teach. l.        Be aware of learner capabilities, their prior knowledge, and plan teaching and learning strategies that demonstrate knowledge and understanding is taking place.

m.    Have a clear understanding of the needs of all learners, including those with special educational needs and or disabilities; and be able to use and evaluate differentiated and innovative teaching approaches to engage and support them.

n.      Demonstrate an understanding of and take responsibility for promoting high standards of literacy including the correct use of English (whatever your specialist subject).

o.      Systematically set, mark, and return homework, providing timely developmental feedback.

p.      Participate in arrangements for examinations and assessments including invigilation, internal verification activities external, external verification activities and liaison with differing awarding bodies.

q.      Develop, and maintain detailed Individual Learning Plans based upon initial assessment and diagnostic assessment.

r.       Give learners regular developmental feedback, both written orally, through accurate marking of learners work and encourage learners to respond to the feedback whilst encouraging learners to reflect on their own progress.

s.       Make accurate and productive use of assessment to monitor and support learners’ progress and educational needs.

Other   ·       To have professional regard for the ethos, policies, and practises of the service and maintain high standards in the way you present yourself, your conduct, attendance, punctuality and attending staff development days

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Contract Type: AnyContractType

Hours of Work: FullOrPartTime

Expiration Date: 14/04/2023

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