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Routeway Voluntary Administration Work Placements at Her Majesty’s Passport Office (Birkdale)

Enquiry Reference: 1238969

Hours: Less than 16 hours per week (Benefits will not be affected and travel expenses can be reclaimed).

How to Apply: Visit to download an application form and return to

Minimum Age: 18

Contract Type: Temporary

Job Type: Routeway Placement

Job Purpose: 2-week part time pre-placement ‘customer service and confidence building course’ leading to a 10-week part time work placement with Her Majesty’s Passport Office (Birkdale).

Main Responsibilities: Various voluntary administration work placements available within different departments at Her Majesty’s Passport Office i.e. Production, First Point of Contact, IT, Registration Supplies Unit, Casework, Communications, Change Unit.

Working Pattern: 10 week part time work placement with Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Please note that for successful candidates the actual programme will not begin until April 2019.

Hours of Work: Part Time

Minimum Qualification Comments: Successful applicants must possess a valid passport. Applicants must be unemployed, aged 18+, live in Liverpool City Region and be registered with Sefton@Work. All voluntary work placements are subject to satisfactory security checks.

Closing Date: 03 Feb 2019

Interview Date: 07 Feb 2019

Application Form

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